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Digimon Backlight Modding Service

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After 20 years of waiting, IT IS FINALLY HERE! Backlit vintage Digimons, a whole new way to relive your childhood and re-experience vintage tamas again in a whole new light (pun intended).

*IMPORTANT: Please read the "How To Order" and "Disclaimers" clause below before ordering.

*This service is temporarily not available to order online, please send us a message directly if you wish to order*

The models that are available for modding currently are: Digimon V1 to V6 (vintage models starting from 1997) 


How To Order

1. Under the "Quantity" field, indicate the number of Digimons you want to mod.

2. Indicate in the comment box below on the Digimon model (or models, if more than 1) you will be shipping over. It is also advisable to provide precise description of your Digimon such as color.

3. Check out, enter your shipping details, and make payment.

4. Pack your Digimons to be shipped.Make sure you remove all batteries from your Digimons and wrap them in sufficient amount of bubble wrap.

5. When packing your Digimons, please also write your Order Number on a slip of paper and include it in the package so that I know which order this package is for.

6. You will bear the cost of shipping your Digimons to me. Ship them to the following address:

Mr Cheong Shan Li
302, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3,
#01-1840, Suite 7989-Z

*Please note that I WILL NOT be responsible for lost mail when the Digimon is on its way to me.  It is recommended that you ship via tracked mail to reduce risks, but at the end of the day, it is your choice.

7. You will be notified via email when I receive your Digimons. Modding will commence immediately and will take 1 week.  After modding is completed, the Digimon will be shipped back to you and you will receive a shipping notification email with tracking number. 

How to use your backlight

  1. Hold C button for 2 seconds to switch on the backlight. Hold C button for 2 seconds again to turn it off.
  2. If you notice the backlight flickering, it is because the batteries are loose. Slot a piece of paper/plastic between the batteries and the battery cover to create a thicker layer to compress the battery into position.
  3. Click here for a VIDEO LINK to watch how the backlight works!


  1. Do not purchase if you do not agree with the statements below. By placing an order, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the following statements.
  2. Upon placing your order, STRICTLY NO REFUNDS once the Digimon is on its way to me. 
  3. DO NOT send Digimons with stripped screws. If I receive Digimon with stripped screws, modding will not be possible, and the Digimon will be shipped back to you with no refunds. 
  4. I will not be responsible for Digimons that were broken during shipping. It is recommended that you wrap your Digimons in several layers of bubble wrap to protect it. 
  5. DO NOT ship Digimon with batteries inside. 
  6. I will NOT be responsible for Digimons that are lost in the mail when it is being shipped to me. 
  7. If you ship a Digimon that cannot be modded, the Digimon will be shipped back to you without being modded. No refunds will be given. PLEASE REVIEW THE LIST OF DIGIMON MODELS THAT CAN BE MODDED IN THE LIST BEFORE ORDERING in the "Other Notes" Section
  8. If you placed an order with other merchandise that are not modding-related services, your entire order will be shipped to you TOGETHER with the modded Digimon. If you wish to receive your other merchandise much earlier and do not want to wait until the modded Digimon is completed, please make 2 separate orders. 

What happens during modding?

  1. The Digimon shell is opened and the circuit board will be removed. 
  2. A microchip will be programmed as a on/off switch for the backlight
  3. The original screen background of the Digimon will be removed and replaced with a plain translucent white screen, from which the backlight will shine through. 
  4. An LED backlight will be placed at the Digimon screen and connected to the microchip.
  5. The microchip/backlight set-up will be soldered onto the circuit board.
  6. The circuit board will be placed back into the Digimon shell and the shell will be screwed back up. 

Other Notes

1. Battery testing: Backlight was turned on for 50 hours on fresh batteries, before switching off completely due to low battery power.

2. The Digimon models that are available for modding currently are:

  •  Digimon V1 to V6 (vintage models starting from 1997) 

3. Digimon models that are currently not available for modding:

  • 20th Anniversary
  • Other models like Pendulum, etc.

These models are still undergoing research and will be available soon. 

READ BEFORE ORDERING: Order & Delivery Info