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A Tamagotchi compatible NFC and infrared phone is a MUST HAVE if you want to enjoy the FULL EXPERIENCE of a Tamagotchi! 


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  • NFC & IRDA & Meet app...


    This is a 3-in-1 Japanese Android smartphone which includes both NFC and Infrared! They are compatible with Tamagotchi 4u, 4u+, P's, and iDL.

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  • Various Models - Tamagotchi...


    This is a special sale listing for miscellaneous phone models. By ordering this item, you agree that the phone you will receive will be a random model and random color. However, rest assured each and every phone is personally tested and the internal condition still works perfectly fine. The phone will have NFC which will be compatible with 4u and 4u+. The phone also will have infrared which will be compatible with P's, iDL, and iD. 

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