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DISNEY NFC & IRDA 2-in-1 Tamagotchi Compatible Phone -Unlocked (can use with SIM card)

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This is a 2-in-1 Japanese Android smartphone which includes both NFC and Infrared! They are compatible with Tamagotchi 4u, 4u+, P's, and iDL.


IMPORTANT: This phone comes with a limited warranty. The period of warranty starts from the date of item being shipped and lasts 50 days. Warranty covers: NFC or IRDA not working, phone does not charge/switch on, or any other issue that is not caused by the user.

Warranty does not cover: Any minor defects on the phone that does not affect the usage (as the phones are used, visible signs of use should be expected), and any malfunction or damage that is caused by the user.

Upon assessing the the situation, if we verify that you are eligible to be covered for the warranty, we will come to an agreement to rectify the situation, either by giving a refund or replacement.

Phone Model: Docomo SH02G 

CLICK HERE for the phone spec.

*Phone only, NO CHARGER included. You can use any Micro USB cable for charging and data transfer.

  • NFC Mode: NFC will not turn on while the phone is plugged into a charger. NFC will only work while the phone is not being charged.
  • It is region UNLOCKED, so you CAN use it with a SIM card
  • Condition: 8.5/10 (take note, these are NOT new phones, they are used)
  • Has NFC, infrared, WiFi, bluetooth. 
  • Every phone is tested by me personally to ensure the NFC and Infrared works fine with Tamagotchis before shipping out. I will also install the 4u english app by Mr Blinky into the phone for you.
  • Phone will be set in English Language before being shipped out to you
  • Packaging will be bubble wrapped in several layers to ensure the phone is protected from drops and bumps during shipping.
  • Click here to download a PDF guide tutorial on how to use the phone.