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The original Tamagezi debuted in 2015 as a cheap Tamagotchi knock-off from China. It had with many similarities to the Tamagotchi +Color and had additional features such as farming, buying a car, and having a career. The original Tamagezi was short-lived unfortunately, as productions were halted after the manufacturer got into legal complications. Since then, Tamagezi had been getting rarer, causing the market price to rise sharply, even up to USD 200+ at a point!

It's now 2020 and the Tamagezi is back with a new re-release! Let's hope this time it's here to stay. Get yours now! ;)

Comes in Chinese language only, but don't let the language barrier stop you, as it is very easy to get used to the gameplay! See description tab for more details on the features of this virtual pet.



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About the Tamagezi

The Tamagezi is a color screen, integrated, gaming, multi-function, compact, and portable entertainment device. You can care for your pets, battle with your friends, feed, bathe, educate, and follow them through various stages of life. You can never predict what will happen next. As your pet grows, you can buy it a house, a car, and can even pair with another device to get married! 

After accumulating enough wealth, your pet can even be the ruler of the kingcom. Form alliances in competitive combat, experience mysterious mission events, and other exciting game content that will keep you eengaged. Try it out for yourself! 

Download a free copy of the English translated official guide book here


How to use with Pink Leather Pouch:

You can order the Tamagezi by itself or purchase it as a bundle with our very own Fuzzy N Chic pink leather pouch for best value for money! The pouch will also come with 2 different sets of pre-cut EVA foam.

  1. The first set has an oval hole in the middle, shaped to fit the Tamagotchi. Please do not dispose this foam, as the pouch can be interchaged to be used with a Tamagotchi. 
  2. The second set consists of 4 long rectangular pieces of foam. To use the pouch with a Tamagezi, place the Tamagezi in the middle of the pouch and place the 4 pieces of foam along the 4 edges to keep the Tamagezi from moving around. 
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