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Melbits POD - The Revolutionary Augmented Reality Virtual Pet!

The Virtual Pet (R)evolution!

The Melbits POD is a virtual Augmented Reality pet game connected to a real toy. A device with physical sensors to nurture, evolve and hatch your new family of pets by solving challenges in the real world! Equipped with Temperature, Light and Motion sensors, you will have to use your imagination to complete the different incubations your Melbits require to grow (e.g., if a specific Melbit will only hatch in cool temperatures, you could try putting your POD in the fridge to hatch it). The possibilities are endless, perfect for your child to hone his/her imagination and creativity!

If you are a parent, this is an engaging virtual pet for your kids to encourage them to play outdoors with their new digital friend. Let your kids learn responsibility through entertaiinment! If you don't have kids, that is no reason not to unleash your inner child by getting one for yourself! Your new companion will definitely become an interesting conversation starter.



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Melbits POD encourages active physical play. Let the screen become not a barrier but a portal, to learn by playing and foster positive digital habits.

You can also connect your Melbits POD to the mobile app on your phone for even more endless fun and Augmented Reality play! You can download the Melbits POD app here (for iOS and Android). Visit the offficial Melbits POD site for more information, or watch this introductory video to learn how to play!



You will need to bring your vpets out using the real world:

  1. Temperature, Light and Motion sensors on the POD invite you to get creative to evolve and create Melbits.
  2. Take the POD everywhere and use your surroundings to evolve your virtual pets!
  3. Melbits are living creatures: they feed, they grow and they get sick. So take good care of them!
Melbits Mobile


Melbits POD is a family friendly electronic toy to play, nurture, learn empathy and good digital habits for kids and adults alike. Equipped with temperature, light, and motion sensors, it works with a free-to-download app suitable for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

The Melbits POD is a magical device with physical sensors to nurture, evolve and hatch your new family of digital pixies. The POD is a seamless experience: away from the screen and to the real world in the blink of an eye. Let the screen become not a barrier but a portal, to learn by playing, to foster positive digital habits and use your brain to solve ingenious evolution puzzles in the real world! It's a Virtual Pet (R)evolution! real toy


We think that video games are great. But we want to build a physical layer on top of them that brings back the joy of playing in the physical space therefore introducing screen time balance as part of the game. Melbits POD is highly interactive and invites to share the screen with parents and other kids, and that’s the basis of building positive digital habits for the future.


In a world in which screens often separate us from each other we wanted to use screens as portals; Portals to encourage you to play in the real world, with the sun on your face and away from the couch. Melbits POD is an electronic toy that creates a flow between worlds, a seamless experience, and encourages to play using your imagination.


Hatch your Family!

Melbits are cheerful digital pixies living inside the internet. Melbits’ mission is to spread the good vibes across the world.You’ll need to create as many as you can to counter the evil viruses who threaten us all using your Melbits POD!

You’ll discover different families and breeds, all with their unique looks, functions and personalities. They are, albeit digital, very connected to our world and they need our help!

Like other virtual pet characters, there are different families and breeds. They all have different looks, functions and personalities. They evolve from seeds that you will find using your POD and exposing it to the elements. 


The virtual pet that takes you outside!



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