(Ready stock) Tamagotchi Connection / Connexion Silicone Cover


Protect your kawaii lovable Tamagotchi Connections in soft silicone covers! They fit Tamagotchi v1 to v6 in the Connection series and their Japanese counterparts.


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  • The first use will be a little tight. Do not overly stretch the protective sleeve when putting it on your Tamagotchi. Do not use sharp objects as it may cause the silicone material to tear.
  • Silicone cover can be washed with mild soap and warm water. Wipe gently to dry it after washing.
  • Take caution not to have accidental ink marks from pen, paint, or marker pens, as those marks may be difficult to wash off and may become a permanent stain.
  • Long term usage of the cover may cause the silicone material to become discolored, due to the natural chemical aging process of silicone material.
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