Tamagotchi Pix faceplate - Pumpkin


Love the Tamagotchi Pix but hate the original faceplate design? Now we provide custom-designed faceplates for your Tamagotchi Pix. Now you can enjoy your Tamagotchi with your favorite designs! 

For every 2 faceplates purchased, receive 1 free! 



Please note that for handmade/crochet products, processing time will take approximately 2-4 weeks, before it is shipped.


For international orders, shipping usually takes about 2 weeks. In some rare cases, it may take up to 4 weeks or more. If you have not received your order 6 weeks after it is shipped, please contact us.


Unclaimed returned parcels will only be refunded 90% of the value. Click here for policy details.

  • Faceplate fits Tamagotchi Meets (all versions). 
  • Printed on quality gloss finished paper so its durable and water proof! 
  • Please note that you will have to remove the faceplate by yourself before you can insert this. CLICK HERE for a step by step instruction guide on how to remove Tamagotchi Meets Faceplate. 
  • For every 2 faceplates purchased, receive 1 free! If you have a preferred design for your free faceplate, leave a comment in the "instruction" box. If you leave the instruction box blank, you will be given a free faceplate with random design. 
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