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  • Melbits Pod Case / Cover


    Loving your Melbits Pod and bringing it everywhere you go in the wild outdoors? Why not give it an extra layer of protection by dressing it up in a cute handmade cover? This cover is made specially for the Melbits Pod, and even looks like one of the adorable creatures you are raising on the Melbits Pod app! Your Melbits Pod is already cute as it is, but now you can personalise it further to make it truly and uniquely yours! 

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  • Melbits POD - The...


    The Virtual Pet (R)evolution!

    The Melbits POD is a virtual Augmented Reality pet game connected to a real toy. A device with physical sensors to nurture, evolve and hatch your new family of pets by solving challenges in the real world! Equipped with Temperature, Light and Motion sensors, you will have to use your imagination to complete the different incubations your Melbits require to grow. The possibilities are endless, perfect for your child to hone his/her imagination and creativity!

    If you are a parent, this is an engaging virtual pet for your kids to encourage them to play outdoors with their new digital friend. Let your kids learn responsibility through entertaiinment! If you don't have kids, that is no reason not to unleash your inner child by getting one for yourself! Your new companion will definitely become an interesting conversation starter.

    You may also want to consider our handmade cover specially made for the Melbits Pod

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  • Tamagotchi Bubble Tea Cover...


    Protect your kawaii lovable pets in cute cases!

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