Tamagotchi P's Deco Pierce Papers

This is a joint effort between @princessofmars and me to digitally reproduce the physical papers that come with the Deco Pierces. We also translated them into English, so you can download both the original Japanese digital version, and also the fan-remade English translated version. Thank you @princessofmars for your hard work!!

Deco Pierce Download Button

Anniversary Change

Anniversary Change!

Love & Melody ver.

Tama Star Circus ver.

 Coming Soon

Royal Change!

Melody Land ver.

  Coming Soon

Fairy Change!

Berry Sweets ver.

  Coming Soon

Baby!? Change!

Feat. Aikatsu! ver.

  Coming Soon

Dream Coffret ver.

 Coming Soon

Dream to Change! Ribbon

Sanrio Characters Mix Change!

  Coming Soon

CIÀO Character Change!

  Coming Soon

Miracrise ver.

  Coming Soon


Disney Change!

  Coming Soon

Feat. Aikatsu! Dream Academy ver.

  Coming Soon

Nameko Nnf Nnf ver.

  Coming Soon


Are you going to get more Qpet

Jodi Lawrence

These look amazing!


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