MyMeets App - The UNOFFICIAL app for Tamagotchi Meets & On

What is MyMeets app, and how is it different from the official Meets app for iOS and Android?

The MyMeets app is a fan-made app that allows you to customize a partner for your Tamagotchi Meets to marry, download custom wallpapers, and gain access to items and Gotchi points immediately.

You can download MyMeets App from TAMATOWN WEBSITE.

MYMEETS APP WALKTHROUGH & OTHER FAQ'S - video by samthegreat0827

Special Update!!!! THE MAGIC HUT: There is now a special custom made "hack" in the form of a downloadable location called the Magic Hut that you can add into your Tamagotchi Meets/On/Some via the MyMeets App. Upon visiting this location, you can do several things such as:

  1. Instantly make your Tamagotchi an adult
  2. Instantly fill up your TAmagotchi's happiness and hunger
  3. Give you 99,999 Gotchi Points
  4. Enable twins
  5. Unlock ALL locations (helps if there are some locations that usually can only be unlocked with 2 or more Tamagotchis)
  6. Increase all friendship levels to maximum so that every character in the game will propose to you immediately.

You can purchase the download from the creator's ETSY PAGE HERE!!

Requirement to run MyMeets app: Bluetooth Low Energy Support OR a Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle that supports BLE and Windows 10 FULLY UPDATED