Tamagotchi Pix Guides

A library of guides to help you navigate and enjoy your Tamagotchi Pix!

How to remove Tamagotchi Pix Faceplate:

PRINTABLE FACEPLATES - Created by Fuzzy N Chic (How to print the faceplates in the correct size: Open up Microsoft Word, paste the image of the faceplate into Word Doc, then right click on the photo and resize it to the correct size. Print. Done!)

GROWTH CHART - by u/ashleylfletch on Reddit

MEETABLE FRIENDS - by u/ashleylfletch on Reddit

QR CODE DOWNLOADS - by Mr Blinky (The categories available for download are: Meals, Snacks, Items, Accessories, Furniture, Livings, & Special)

DECOR COLOR CHART - by NeoMametchi


Cooking Recipes

If you are having trouble getting the right colors for your camera, refer to this color palette

Combinations Blue Red Yellow Grey White

Ice Cream Tub
Grape Juice

Sea Shake Rainbow Sponge Cake
Red NA Fruit Tart Chicken Wings Floral Cake
Yellow NA NA Tempura
White NA NA



Soft Serve
Nata De Coco



  1. Why does my Tamagotchi's happiness bar get stuck halfway and does not increase futher? Happiness bar will stay halfway at child and teen stage. It can only be maxed out when it becomes an adult.
  2. How do I wake the screen? Press the camera shutter button on the top to wake the screen

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