About Us

Founded in 2015 by a Tamagotchi lover, Rachel Liew. Our mission is to share our love for Tamagotchis with all Tamagotchi fans worldwide.

We specialize in hand-made Tamagotchi covers, which protects your virtual pets from drops and scratches. We put EXTREMELY high importance in the quality of our handmade products, and each of our covers are 100% handmade with LOTS OF LOVE. 

Fuzzy N Chic is also proud to be one of the top global platforms for Tamagotchi lovers to look up translation guides, tips, and tricks, as well as being a one-stop-shop for all their virtual pets' accessories. With our user-friendly guides, we have helped thousands of Tama-parents across the world in their quest of successfully raising their beloved virtual pets. 

With over 1,500+ orders and 60,000 visitors till date, we at Fuzzy N Chic are motivated to always be at your service!


Rachel Liew

Founder & Owner 

About me

HR Technologist by day, Tamagotchi & video games enthusiast by night for life. My passions are, in no particular order, my cats (Floofy & Quinn), my husband, Tamagotchis, video games, good food, Netflix, art, and travelling. In short, I am just your proverbial girl-next-door. 

I founded Fuzzy N Chic almost by accident. I had just picked up a new hobby, knitting, and I was knitting little trinkets for myself like bracelets, hair ties, and gloves. Later, I realised I could knit protective covers for my Tamagotchis! I started making them for myself, and eventually for other people. Before I knew it, I started to have a small base of regular customers, and I grew by word of mouth. Eventually, using Facebook Messenger and an Excel spreadsheet proved inefficient in taking and tracking orders, so here I am, at www.fuzzy-n-chic.com! 

What I do at Fuzzy N Chic

I used to design and make Tamagotchi cases, but these days I mostly just direct strategic executive decisions, approve marketing campaigns, and develop Tamagotchi guides. 

Why I love Tamagotchi

Ever since I was a kid, I have always been interested in digital pets. When I was 7, my parents got me my very first v-pet (it was a Dinkie Dino). Somehow, knowing that I had a constant companion that I could bring with me ANYWHERE I went gave me a sense of comfort and security, knowing that I was never alone. As I grew into my teenage years, and eventually adulthood, Tamagotchis always played a part in my life. Even now as an adult, I ALWAYS carry at least one Tamagotchi with me as an emotional support. 

Till date, I own almost 100 Tamagotchis. My dream is to own a Tamagotchi Station one day! 

Social media: @fuzzynchic_rachel


Grace Wai

Business Development Manager & Creative Director 

About me

My older brother gifted me my very first Tamagotchi back in 1998. I still remember how excited I felt when I first saw it!!! I loved it sooooo much!! However, my excitement was short-lived because it was soon confiscated by my teacher when I brought it to school. 

Fast forward to 2017, and my love for Tamagotchi was still going strong. I have 2 daughters who love playing with my Tamagotchis. Knowing how careless kids can be, I purchased some handmade Tamagotchi covers to protect my Tamagotchis from drops and scratches. However, I soon found that there were some design flaws: The cover does not fit snug enough and my Tamagotchi kept falling out of it. From there on, I decided to make my own Tamagotchi covers instead. I went online and taught myself how to crochet, and started researching on making the most perfect-fitting Tamagotchi cover ever.

After lots of trial and error, I soon was able to make my own Tamagotchi covers that fit perfectly and holds the Tamagotchi securely in place. And I am now bringing this perfect design to everyone in the Tamagotchi community! 

What I do at Fuzzy N Chic

I crochet Tamagotchi cases, and I am ALWAYS thinking about ideas for new designs of Tamagotchi covers! I also come up with new product ideas, manage new product releases, and partner closely with Rachel to execute marketing campaigns. 

Why I love Tamagotchi

When I was younger, I spent most of my time by myself. Both my parents worked and my 3 brothers were way older than me, so Tamagotchi became my childhood friend and companion.

Social media: @wai_grace