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Tamagotchi Zipper Pouch with Window

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$26.00 SGD

This is our very own Fuzzy N Chic branded pouch for your Tamagotchi! Comes with a clear window so you can now protect AND play with your Tamagotchi without removing it from the casing. 

Fuzzy N Chic lettering is elegantly imprinted on it and comes with a free V-Pet Lover acrylic keychain! All our artwork are digitally hand-drawn by our own team. The keychain design also has a slight hint of shimmery effect!

  • Pouch Material: PU
  • Keychain material: Acrylic

We noticed that after using the leather pouch over time, the leather starts to get a little more flexible as it gets “broken in” (just like how your stiff and uncomfortable leather shoes gets broken in over time). Because of that, it might feel like the Tamagotchi inside will move around a bit more because the pouch is not sturdy enough to hold it properly.

Because of this, we will include a pre-cut foam piece into your pouch before shipping out. Please DO NOT throw out the foam that comes with your pouch. 

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