TAMATOWN - The original TamaTown by Bandai no longer exists. This is an archived version to relive your nostalgia!

KEITAI CODES - Download codes for the Keitai on the TamaTalk forum

ENWAREHOUSE - Hack for Entamas. Install this program on your PC to emulate the Tama Town. You can download unlimited cash, skill points, and other cool items on your Entama! Credits to Binary for creating this program. 

ENTAMA/URATAMA SHOP - This is basically similar to the EnWarehouse, except it also works for Uratama. 

ENWAREHOUSE FOR V5 - password to unzip: EnWarehouse


TAMA-GO HACK - Created by Mr Blinky. Use this hack to easily get free money!! 

TAMA-GO FACEPLATES - Download and print them yourself at home! How to print the faceplates in the correct size: Open up Microsoft Word, paste the image of the faceplate into Word Doc, then right click on the photo and resize it to the correct size. Print. Done! =D

THE ORIGINAL ENTAMA GUIDE BY P-LOW: THE SKILFUL ABBOT + - IMO the MOST comprehensive guide you can find on the web! 

V6 Music Star Code Generator - You can now generate the Boy and Girl's Destiny Star, to get the secret characters!

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