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We specialize in hand-made Tamagotchi covers, which protects your virtual pets from drops and scratches. We put EXTREMELY high importance in the quality of our handmade products, and each of our covers are 100% handmade with LOTS OF LOVE. 

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  • Plushies that hold Tamagotchis!

    Is it a plushie? Is it a Tamagotchi cover? It's both! Carry around your virtual pet companion snugly in a cuddly companion! Hug it, play with it, make it your best friend! Check it out now!

  • Tamagotchi Hoodies & Sweaters

    Stay warm and cozy in soft pastel colored Tamagotchi themed Hoodies and Sweaters. Click here to Pre-Order!

  • Can't wait for crochet cover to be done, Grab a ready made NOW!!

    Tired of waiting 3 - 4 weeks for a handmade cover to be ready? all these is ready made cover, grab one before it run out soon. Click here to order.