Tamagotchi Uni

As more information about the Tamagotchi Uni is released, I will be gradually adding them to this page! 

English User Manual - From Tamagotchi official site

TamaPassport (Scanned)

Tamagotchi Uni Download Codes - From Tamagotchi Wiki page

Downloadable Faceplates

Tamagotchi Uni Perfect Guidebook - English Translated, Chapter 1 ONLY

I got accused of piracy by someone (who sells pirated duplicated copies of Amiibos for profit, and she also sells counterfeit Animal Crossing merchandise with stolen artwork and apparel), even though I am sharing this book for free out of good will and not making any profit from it. So, to avoid being accused again, I am only sharing PARTIAL portion of the book, Chapter 1 only, which contains the basic essentials to help you get started on how to play. 

Growth Chart - By Waji Pascua

How to play dance game (easy hack)

How to Change Faceplate - Video

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