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Tamagotchi Smart Watch Strap

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$6.02 USD

These custom-made watch straps are designed to be used with our Tamagotchi Smart crochet covers. When ordering the Tamagotchi Smart cover, remember to pick the option "Tamagotchi Smart - use without original rubber watch strap", in order to use it with our custom-made straps.

These straps come in 2 lengths: 

  • Medium: It will be the same length as the original Tamagotchi Smart rubber watch strap. 
  • Long: It will be 1 inch longer than the original Tamagotchi Smart rubber watch strap. This is suitable for people who find the original Tamagotchi Smart rubber watch strap to be too short for their wrist. 
  • If you prefer something even longer, please drop us a message at and we will be happy to customise it to your desired length! 

Currently we have these designs:

  • Design A: The entire band is made of elastic, with velcro to secure it around your wrist.
  • Design B: The band is made of fabric, with velcro.
  • Design C: The band is in the style of a scrunchy, and you secure it around your wrist with a pastic snap button.
  • Design D (pink or green): Furry fabric with inner cotton lining. 
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