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Yumemitchi Tamagotchi Cover

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$55.90 SGD
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$55.90 SGD

Protect your kawaii lovable pets in cute cases!

If ordering for Tamagotchi Smart/Uni, 2 sizes to choose from:

  • Cover to use with original rubber watch strap - Recommended for people who alternate between running their Tamagotchi Smart/Uni with and without the watch strap. Cover can still be used on the Tamagotchi if the watch strap is removed, but it will be slightly looser
  • Cover to use without original rubber watch strap - Recommended for people who prefer to run their Tamagotchi Smart/Uni without the original rubber watch strap. It will be a very tight fit with the rubber watch strap on. This cover is also compatible with our custom watch straps.

If you are ordering this product for your Tamagotchi Smart/Uni, you can also consider getting our very own custom-made watch strap to go with your Tamagotchi Smart/Uni Cover (click here to order). 

Our custom watch straps are made to be compatible with the Tamagotchi Smart/Uni cover (order the cover to be used without the original rubber watch strap). If the original rubber watch strap is too short for your wrist, we also make a larger size that is 1 inch longer than the original.  

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