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Tamagotchi Ocean Umino Themed Printable Poster/Wallpaper (Digital Download)

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This is a fanart picture I drew of Tamagotchi, inspired by the Tamagotchi Umino. It is ocean themed and you can use it as phone/tablet wallpaper, or even print it out as a poster to frame up and hang at home! You will receive a digital image in the range of 4k resolution. A typical 4K resolution screen is 3840 x 2160 pixels, while this image will come in 2 versions: 3508 x 2480 px (for poster printing and for most tablets wallpaper) and 2480 x 5370px (for most mobile phones wallpaper).

Files will be sent to you via email after payment. After purchasing this product you will receive an email a *.zip file attachment which contains the files, within 3 days of purchase.

Contents of the *.zip file:

1) 1 PNG file of this image, with dimensions of 3508 x 2480 px (suitable for tablet wallpaper and poster printing)

2) 1 PNG file of this image with dimensions 2480 x 5370px (suitable for mobile wallpaper)

Terms and Conditions

1) you may only use it for your personal consumption. 

2) You will not be permitted to reuse or resell this image for commercial purposes, nor use it in a commercial setting such as advertisements, etc. 

3) With the purchase of this product you accept to not distribute this product. Any distribution of this product is prohibited. This includes sharing with friends or uploading/hosting it online. 

4) Since this is a digital product, there are no refunds.

5) By making the purchase you agree to the above terms and conditions

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