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Tamagotchi Huggy Bear Zipper Pouch

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This is our very own Fuzzy N Chic branded pouch for your Tamagotchi! UPGRADED version from our previous versions, this is vuter and more versatile as it is now compatible with more Tamagotchi models!

Protect AND play with your Tamagotchi without removing it from the casing! 

Fuzzy N Chic lettering is elegantly embroidered on it and comes with a free acrylic keychain! All our artwork are digitally hand-drawn by our own team. The keychain design also has a slight hint of shimmery effect!

Can fit the following Tamagotchi models:

  • Tamagotchi Uni
  • Tamagotchi Smart
  • Tamagotchi Pix
  • Tamagotchi Meets, Tamagotchi On, Tamagotchi Some
  • Tamagotchi M!X
  • Tamagotchi 4U, Tamagotchi 4U+
  • Tamagotchi iD, Tamagotchi iD L
  • Tamagotchi P's (without deco pierce)

Other features:

  • Comes with a removable transparent protective plastic layer to be used with Tamagotchi models that do not need touch screen or touch buttons, for additional protection for your Tamagotchi screens and faceplates. 
  • Material = PU Leather (artificial vegan leather)
  • Gold zipper and hardware 
  • Embroidered bear features
  • Has a back hole for Tamagotchi Pix Camera (hole can be covered when not in use)
  • Comes with matching Acrylic Keychain and wrist strap

We will include TWO pre-cut foam piece into your pouch before shipping out. Please DO NOT throw out the TWO FOAM PIECES that comes with your pouch, as they are fitted for different Tamagotchi models and will help keep the Tamagotchi in place. 

Previously launched on Kickstarter. Now that our Kickstarter campaign is successful, we are bringing it to our web store!

Buy 2 or more, get 10% off! (Apply discount code ZIPPOUCH10 at checkout)

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