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  • Tamagotchi M!X Faceplate Protector Fuzzy N Chic
  • Tamagotchi M!X Faceplate Protector Fuzzy N Chic
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Tamagotchi M!X Faceplate Protector

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Protect your Tamagotchi Faceplate from scratches to enjoy crystal clear display! Buy 2 or more screen/faceplate protectors, get 10% off! (Apply discount code SCREENPRO10 at checkout) Note that the yellow tint in the picture is only the protection layer. Once you peel that off and paste it on your Tamagotchi, it will be 100% transparent and clear.

Watch video below to learn how to paste the protector on your Tamagotchi:

 Some people have been asking us how to stick the faceplate protector on the Tamagotchi. Here's a video tutorial! Also this post is to answer some questions some people have been asking:

Q: Is the faceplate protector flexible?
A: It is flexible as can be seen in the video.

Q: Will the paint come off if I remove the faceplate protector later?
A: It will not come off, as tested in the second video. We tried removing it off one of our own Tamagotchis after 1.5 years, and the paint stays on perfectly!

Q: Can I reuse the protector after peeling off?
A: It can only be used once. It cannot be reused after peeling off.

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